Lilith Ambra

Disturbed, Distraught, Mute, and Alone.


Lilith is a mercurial being, changing from one day to the next and hardly ever the same as another day in her existence. This has been an attribute placed upon her since her 12th year. From day to day, her appearance will change but she will continue to possess a birthmark of an athame on her cheek.


The etymology of the name Lilith comes from Jewish mythology, thought to possibly be derived from a class of female demons of Mesopotamian mythos. Translated, the name means “creature of the night”. In the very common story of Christianity, Lilith becomes Adam’s first wife, created at the same time as he and from the same earth. Note what the story comes to tell us: she refuses to become subservient to Adam and therefore left him. In a way, both the meaning of the name and this are two very core themes in the story of this Lilith.

Since she was born, Lilith’s existence has been plagued by visions of the Abyss. In a way, she has been overshadowed by this strange, inevitably magical curse. Her very life seemed to have been an uphill battle against the voices in her head that would otherwise seek to have her destroy herself.

But Lilith did not sway. She would not let these terrible things she saw rule her life. As Philip K. Dick says in his VALIS, “[i]t is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.” It is. Lilith would very much agree. Her parents and relations tried to help her but she knew they would never understand. How could one understand when they could not see?

She was mostly kept inside. Her nights were wracked by these visions, but her days were much easier. Bearable. When she became old enough, she helped till the fields, feed the cattle, and keep wild animals off her parents’ farm. It was an enjoyable enough life, as far as things were, and she never needed for anything: shelter or food. She lived.

It all shattered on her 12th year.

More information can be found in an additional document, but it is currently kept private except for the player to see because of certain secrets that need to be kept about the character.

Lilith Ambra

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